The Sunshine Coast Long Covid Clinic is a rehabilitation program run by our Exercise Physiologists. The program is patient-centred and individualised, because long covid looks different for everyone. The rehabilitation program is based on long covid rehabilitation guidelines from the European Respiratory Society, the American Thoracic Respiratory Society, and the Canadian Thoracic Society.

At the Initial consultation we will evaluate and assess ongoing symptoms and the impact it has on the person’s life; whether that is ongoing dyspnoea, fatigue, post exertional fatigue or malaise.  We have onsite spirometry testing to evaluate patient’s initial lung function and monitor their progress.

After the initial consultation, we can write a report with the assessment findings, rehabilitation plan and recommendations, this can be sent to your GP if required.

If ongoing treatment is needed, we can do this through education on breathing techniques and managing fatigue. Inspiratory training may be needed, as well as strengthening exercises for respiratory and musculoskeletal systems.